My slight dilemma on writer groups


So this isn’t anything serious or anything, but I don’t know if I should join a writers group or not for Episode. I do like my independency and would like to somewhat maintain that. I also am worried that I might get into a group that I don’t like or becomes inactive and will be kinda stuck there (most of the people on episode are really nice though so idk). On the other hand, I think it would be fun to work on stories together and share ideas and help each other out. I could also possibly make new friends as well! So basically, the point of this post…If you are in a writers group for episode, could you please share your experience with me (positive and negative)? To be honest, I’m kinda leaning onto the “join the writer group” side of the fence. So, if their are any writer groups that are recruiting and have room for one more, I’d love to learn more about your group. I know this post is kinda disorganized, so thank you if you read this far lol.


I think joining a group is a great idea I am not in one myself but its better to because its more organised and different people have different and great ideas however it depends on which group you join so choose wisely


Hi! I understand your dilemma, a lot of writing groups become inactive after a while, leaving you with nothing to do. (I know from experience lol.) But I think risks should be taken and you should join a writing group! I made a few friends from episode writing groups whom I still talk to, till this day. I am actually starting a writing group with my friend, and we’re trying to recruit people who WON’T go inactive, and will be committed. It would be great if you signed up! I will post the link here after we’re done with the sign up sheet, it will probably be tomorrow. Hope to hear from you!


I am part I a writing group. I find that my writing group is rarely inactive but it is sometimes quiet because of time zones. I feel like my writing group allows freedom and helps you develop. I am writing my own story at the same time as helping with my writing group’s story. They are helping me to learn about writing stories.


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