My Sounds Aren't Playing When They Should

So… I’ve started writing on Episode more again and I’ve learned some directing techniques that make my story a lot better!
Now, I want to start using sounds to enhance the experience a little bit, y’know?
Well, my character, Paris, is having a nightmare of when she was in a car crash. The reader will be seeing her toss and turn while hearing the car stopping and crashing (this is fine) but when it comes to the sirens, it will only play AFTER Paris wakes up?!
Here’s the script:

&PARIS spot 1.775 65 -140 and PARIS is sleep_sitting and PARIS faces right
&overlay EFFECT DIM 60 create
&overlay EFFECT DIM 60 opacity 100% in 0
&overlay EFFECT DIM 60 shifts to 0 0
&overlay EFFECT DIM 60 scales to 1.000 1.000
&zoom reset
sound heartbeat

@PARIS faces left
@pause for a beat
sound car_screech

@PARIS faces right
@pause for a beat
sound car_crash

@PARIS faces left
@pause for a beat
sound police_siren2
@pause for 0.5

@PARIS is deepbreath
@PARIS is deepbreath
@PARIS is talk_exhausted

I’ve tried multiple ways, like pausing the scene for a little bit, directing Paris to make movements while the sound is playing, directing her to not move while the sound is playing…
At this point, I could care less if she was tossing and turning while the sound is playing or not. I just don’t want the reader to hear the sirens after she wakes up.

Please help me! I really want to publish this story ASAP cause it’s near and dear to my heart.
Thank you,

  • Mickey

what did the error said?

That’s the thing, there is no error. It’s saying it’s all fine and everything but when I try previewing the story, the sound will play afterwards

did u preview it on mobile or laptop/computer?

My computer. My phone is currently off right now.

ok good , cause when preview on mobile, can’t hear nothing, its a glitch I guess. Did you try to refresh the page?

It’s still the same problem

Okay this may be wrong but sometimes if you copy the sound into the script or insert it, it doesn’t play for me but when i write it out it does idk

I did write it out… and it plays just fine. I can hear it and everything. The problem I’m having is it plays at the wrong time…

Might want to submit a help ticket to the support team about that. :wink: