My special egg recipe

I really hope you like this recipe I love it

  1. First of course you need to butter the pan
  2. Next you crack as 2 or three eggs in a bowl mix them up as if your making scrambled eggs
  3. After put the eggs on the fraying pan and right a way put in a tortillas that you use for burritos
  4. Wait until the tortillas is stuck to the eggs and your able to flip
  5. Now put in some graded cheese and cold cut meat that you use for sandwiches
  6. After the cheese is all melted you fold the tortilla and the put it on a plate
  7. (optional) what I like to do is put some pepper and salt on for extra favour
    I hope you enjoy


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Wow nice! Yum. :egg: :fried_egg:

Thanks I hope you enjoy

Can I say mine, or will everyone think I’m a weirdo?

Of course

Frank’s Red Hot Sauce, Siracha, Steak Spice, Chili Pepper Flakes, mixed in with the egg yolk, then put it in the pan, sprinkle some cheese on it, fold it over, flip it, take it off, and put a bit more cheese on.

mmmm sounds yummy

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