My Speech On Reality

What’s wrong about being wrong, what’s wrong about being right.

I live in a world filled with maniacs, prisoners, felons,lovers,gangsters,and society as a whole.

I look at the world as if it’s a game, a racing game, life goes by fast, and in order to achieve your goals, there’s no time to go slow, because you don’t know when your time is up.
I’ve always seen people get hated on, and in my mind i’m just thinking “What makes you so different from the rest of the world?”

What kind of satisfaction do you get by hurting someone mentally and physically, that’s something I never understood, because at the end of the day you’re just hurting yourself more by hurting someone else, you’ll look at yourself in front of a mirror, and look at how much of a monstrous human being you are

Society these days is so messed up, legit little kids at try to act like gangsters, and cuss. What a nice population of kids, and plus not only kids, grown up’s have made the world miserable, not all grown up’s just specific ones, including adults who think they’re tough, and think they have the rights to commit crimes.

I have never looked at the world in a positive or a negative way, I always thought of it as a game filled with players of different mindsets, each player is trying to reach a certain goal, but no one knows what it is. Looking at people getting hurt, is like being a witness of a crime, and what disgusts me the most is that people watch it happen, and don’t give any fucks.

Treat people the way you wanna be treated, treat them with respect at least, that’s all you gotta do to not spread crimes, and other negative shit that disgusts me.

People are so ignorant that they can’t even help a person out by just giving them at least $1 to save their lives, what a fucking shame.

This is my speech, and this is all written by an inspiration to real-life actions that have happened to me, this is my opinion, and I’m certainly not afraid to speak my thoughts.

Thank you


This was a beautiful speech, and I agree with you. The world is sometimes such a horrible place, with people not understanding each other, priding themselves above others, and stepping on everyone else. I understand your mindset and how horrible it is to watch innocent people get judged, and have cruelty and unfairness in the world. Crimes created for unlegitimate reasons are such horror, and I agree. Your thoughts align wth many others, but I must say there are still some good i n humanity, people who want to do good, people who don’t judge people for their looks, who don’t judge people because of unfairness. I’m sorry about those real life actions that may have happened to you, and do hope that people who know they did wrong do right and help each other out, because that makes a wonderful community.


Yeah society just grossed me out, legit a girl was getting bullied no one helped her, they just stood there got their cameras out and recorded it, and I’m just thinking about “I hope the same thing doesn’t happen to you, and someone actually helps you, Loser.”


Oh my lord, those situations are just awful, honestly.
I’m not trying to say anything, but when Princess Diana was dying in the car, reporters did not move to help her, they just took their cameras out to snap photos. Honestly, that’s such a horrible thing to happen.


I can’t imagine being in that situation jesus.
People actually die because of these actions.