My spin off story - Out Now!

Hey guys, not sure if you’d care but after months of working on it, my story is finally out!

Basically this is a short story spin off to the main story and I wrote it so you can get to know the characters a bit more so there aren’t many choices.

I’d love for you guys to read and let me know what you think?

Also doing R4R, but please bare with me as I’m juggling work too.



Hello, rdr?

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Certainly I’ll add you to the list x

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There you go :slight_smile:

Thanks babe!! I’m reading through a bunch atm I’ll get to yours soon xx

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Well I rather enjoyed that! Forgot to take screen shots of the last episode as I was too into it. And there’s a bloody cliffhanger…:joy:

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I’ll release chapter 4 in 3/4 days, you can resolve your tension then :smiley:
Also, I’d like it if you would give me some feedback :smiley:

Aahahahaha well ok xx