My spot directing isn't working

For some reason the spot directing isn’t applying to the character after I saved it. I’ve used spot directing before and never had a problem with it and I’m really confused as to why it isn’t applying when I view my story
I know I’m doing it correctly as it’s the same as the code i’ve used for another scene where is actually applied
I’ve looked on the viewer on my laptop AND my phone
Is it just mine?
This is what I put @WILL spot 1.361 220 0

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Try this:

@WILL spot 1.361 220 0 in zone #

It’s not working
I put
@WILL spot 1.316 212 6 in zone 2

Can you post a screenshot of your script?

What do you mean?

Picture of your script.


Why don’t you try making him walk to that spot?

@/WILL walks to spot 1.318 210 5 in zone 2