My spot directing not working

The character is moving around for the last two numbers but it won’t get smaller,I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong.
THis is my code
@EVE enters from left to screen left.
@EVE spot 1.00 30 140 in zone 2
@EVE faces right
@pause for a beat
@VAL faces left
The scale is the same thing for my other two characters and they look fine,so I’m not sure why shes so big.

Your first number is missing a number.

The formatting for the second and third numbers can change, but the first one has to have three numbers after the decimal.
1.000, 0.483, 0.281

Oh okay but I’m confused because the other code I used for my other characters are the same scale and they look fine. But I’ll try.

I tried the four numbers and still the scale isn’t working

You just need to place your character and then copy the code :hugs:

THANK YOU! I got it now!!

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