My store page keeps crashing :(

Okay. So for the past week or so everytime I go on the portal to try to code a story I have, it won’t let me preview it. I use Google Chrome, by the way. So there’s no reason it should not be working, right? It’ll load, then show a extremely long error sometimes when I try to load it, or it’ll show the “Aw, snap!” error, which means I know it has to do with the previewer. I figured it was Google Chrome being stupid, so I tried all the troubleshooting options they had, and with no avail, nothing worked.

I then went on other stories wondering if it was doing this to all my stories on the Writer’s Portal, and lo and behold they all work fine. It’s just that one in particular. I’m pretty sure it’s a bug that Episode needs to fix and I’ve tried getting ahold of them to fix it but all I’ve gotten so far is them telling me to do what I already told them I did in the message I sent them. It’s really frustrating. It;'s been days since they replied, and I’m getting irritated. Anyone else dealing with this issue?


I haven’t been experiencing that with my new story, but that has happened a lot with my other one. I just refresh the tab. If refreshing doesn’t work, try using a different browser?

Google Chromes really the only one that works for me. It’s weird though cause all my other stories work and all preview. So it’s a glitch I’m assuming on certain portals? I’ve seen other people have it too and they don’t really seem like ever solve anything.

@Sydney_H this has been resolved can you please close this topic?

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: