My stories are cursed and Support isn’t able to help

Yeah my stories are cursed obviously. And I wonder why Support isn’t able to fix problems?

Those are:

  • One story doesn’t show reads at all
  • 2 stories don’t count reads
  • Same 2 of my stories are often not reachable in app

Proofs sent to Support and I mostly get answer: Try find help on Forum. Ironic.

So, can anyone help?

well, if someone only reads the first episode of your story the app won’t count it as a read unless they read or start the next episode

I’m not talking about first chapter. I mean all chapters in general.

In other words, other haves have read more than one episode of your story and it still won’t gain reads? If so, file a support ticket. I cannot help you. This is a the programmers expertise and not mine…

I filled the support ticket. Never solved.

Did u try refiling? Maybe you need to uninstall the app and then reinstall, again.

How long ago did you file the ticket? They may take a very ling time to respond.

They responded several times, no answer

I’m currently having the problem with one I am writing not showing up in the mobile previewer. I was told that it was probably under a different profile (which it can’t be because I only have ONE profile).
If you have more than one mobile app profile, you may check to see if you are logged into the right one.
I don’t know if that would do anything, but just an idea based on what they are trying to tell me about mine.

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Only one profile, like you :disappointed:

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The episode support tickets are very unskinny. :joy: