My Stories (LGBTQ)


I’d like to promote my stories, 4 of them are LGBTQ :grin:
You can find me on Instagram as: CherryMaxis.
And on the Episode app as: Chida

My boyfriend’s Lesbian sister (Limelight)
In this story you’ll be playing as Nora a Arabic, Muslim girl who one day visits her boyfriend’s house where she meets his lesbian sister. This will turn her whole world upside down.

Lesbian Catfish (Limelight)
MC gets catfished, but by who? And why? How will you deal with all of this drama.
This story turns later on into a sequel of my boyfriend’s lesbian sister.

Copy Eva (Ink)
You’re kidnapped by someone who thinks that you’re Eva, why can’t he see that you’re not her? How will you escape?
You’ll start this story as the kidnapper to understand him a bit better before creating your own character.

My bad Lesbian stepsister (Limelight)
Your mom starts to date a new man. But what happens when his daughter is the most popular girl in your school? Will you be able to resist her? Do you want to?

H & V: Fire Slay the Lesbian heroine (Limelight)
Slay fights crime with her ‘powers’ while dealing with daily life and her family. Which choices will you make and where will you eventually end up?

I am that bad boy ( INK)
In this story you’re that bad boy that every guy wants to be and every girl wants to be with. Male MC


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This is awesome! I’ll be sure to check these out! I’m also working on my own LGBTQ+ story and soon hope to share them with you!


Tysm :hugs: Hopefully you’ll like them. Good luck on your story :wink:


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