My stories stopped saving

hey all! so i had content and characters created for a story i’ve been working on for months, on my laptop. i went to create a new story to play with characters and the original story and content disappeared. i went to manage my stories and no story showed up. i went to then create a new story and it didn’t update or save.

any ideas what this might be or if there is some kind of bug??


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Hello @MiraBee, if there are no suggestions from the other users concerning this issue, I’d suggest submitting a help ticket to the support team; they’d be happy to help. :smiley:

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Have you save it before then it disappeared? If so then episode has a “See all previous versions” link underneath the need help button on the left hand side. Here you’ll be able to see the last script saved. If you didnt save it at all, I’m afraid you can’t see it there.