My Stories Tab Not Working

I’m using Google Chrome as my browser and I’ve never had this problem before but when I click on the my stories tab I get this blank, glitched screen that doesn’t let me do anything. None of my stories show and it won’t let me click on anything, but when I click on a different tab like the art catalog it’s fine. I tried logging out and back in and no change but if I log in on an incognito tab it works just fine. Anyone else experiencing this?

So far, I am using Chrome as well and not getting this problem. Did u restart your laptop/computer?

I’ve already attempted all the “basic fixes” like restarting, logging in and out and all that but still nothing. It works just fine on my laptop but it’s a hassle working on my laptop so I prefer my PC. I’ve compromised for the time being and I’m just opening incognito tabs on my PC and working through those right now but I would like this to be fixed asap…

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Maybe your computer can’t handle the website? Or maybe Chrome is the issue, have you tried using another website? And have you updated your computer?

If you have then I suggest you do a report ticket or search help from here:

Click here