My story: A Temporary Marriage + A Trailer

Hi everyone :grinning:

Iā€™m more than pleased to present my story here, which Iā€™m more convinced to describe it by YOUR story since, in the end, it is all about YOUR choices.

And because I respect your time :nerd_face: and want you to have an idea of what you are going to read and play; I made a trailer for it, exactly like movies, but in an Episode style. Have a look and then feel free to judge :hugs:.

The link of the trailer:

The link of the story:

And although I encourage and support you to post your stories here, I prefer the mysterious type :face_with_monocle: where the romance :two_hearts: would be as minimum as possible, and the story would be to some extent virtuous :see_no_evil:.

Thank you all!