My story are skip

it not going to this story at all it skip to other story this my first story I did and skip I am try to dance code .

my keep changing to this need so help on code. I am going get some to eat

this first story is not show up on there at all. Post to be on this story now it not show up need some on it .I am try. To put code down can please help me out

This my first story it step it going other story need to fix it .

I would love to help but I’m not sure what you are asking exactly…

Could you describe your problem in more detail. please?

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My story are skip is not show the first story at all my first was

this my first story it not show up it skip my first story

The second story I write

I was to zoom it to big .and
Came my second story .my first story skip to this story .

Can sent you the code I am have hard time

With your zooming problem, you will need to place
@zoom reset
in your script where you want the zoom to end.

I still do not understand the other issue you are having but I will try to answer based on what I think I have gathered…

If your story is missing, did you accidentley place it in “archived” ??? If not, was it removed for some reason??

Hope this helped.

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Do want me send you the code how about sent you my code .my story are skip can check my code for me .

I am deleting last my code .

she has a disability, so its going to be hard for you to understand whats shes saying.


I really don’t have the time to edit right now. (Im editing my own currently) However, You could post it here and tag me, and when and if I get the time to look at it I will.

Also, if you post it here, others will see it and they might be able to assist you as well.

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music mus_dance_club

Time to dance

@LESHELL spot 1.280 160 0 in zone 1 at layer 1 AND LESHELL starts dance_grind_neutral_loop
@CHRISTIAN spot 1.280 106 0 in zone 1 at layer 0 and CHRISTIAN starts dance_grind_neutral_loop
@LESHELL spot 1.280 119 15


music music_808_lp

Time to dance

@zoom reset
@cut to zone 2

@zoom on 520 423 to 176% in 0
@CHRISTIAN spot 0.908 140 223 in zone 2 at layer 1 AND CHRISTIAN faces left
@LESHELL spot 0.872 191 236 in zone 2 at layer 0 AND LESHELL faces left
&CHRISTIAN starts sing_loop_rear
&LESHELL starts dance_grind_neutral_loop
@zoom on 484 143 to 258% in 0
&zoom on 495 438 to 258% in 5.3
@pause for 3
&LESHELL faces right AND LESHELL starts dance_drop_it
@pause for 1.2

@zoom reset
@LESHELL spot 0.872 145 245 in zone 2
@CHRISTIAN spot 0.0908 139 240 in zone 2
&CHRISTIAN faces right
&LESHELL moves to layer 1 AND CHRISTIAN moves to layer 0
&LESHELL faces right
&LESHELL starts kiss_dip_receive_rear
&CHRISTIAN starts kiss_dip_give
@pause for 2
@zoom reset
@pause for 5
@CHRISTIAN spot 1.248 102 71

change the & to @ (try this and see if it helps)

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@LESHELL faces right and LESHELL starts dance_drop_it

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it going to fast plus why is scound story are skip it was work .i did channge it new code new to change dance code that is not going to work need to find other dance we to make it better

If the zooms are going too fast

@pause for a beat

1 @pause for a beat = about 1 second

in between your zooms


When you zoom, place a timer on it

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delete the second code . i need some new dance code can work .i need some new i keep the first dance all ready need some new to make my story better scound did not work .can up some new code for me

Use your portal to help you find a code that works. there is a menu for that on the right-hand side of your screen

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