My story doesn't appear on my tablet

So recently I started writing a new story on Episode portal and I have written many stories on it but the new isn’t appearing on the create section of my app. I don’t know if us it because I just wrote the starting scene with no characters but in other stories it was completely visible.

I wanna play that story on my tablet like others but couldn’t do it🤧
Is there anything I can do?


I’d say, wait for a bit since you just started writing the story. It might be just a little glitch. If you continue though not to see your story, I’d suggest that you send a ticket to the episode team. :blush:

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How many chapters do you have? Apparently sometimes if you don’t have 3 chapters then it won’t show up

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.It’s not the case, I have several other stories which have just one chapter with less than100 lines. But this is the particular story which doesn’t appear on the create section