My story doesnt show in my published stories section on the app

@Sydney_H feel free to move this if its not in the right section

A while ago, I posted my story “The Prince’s Choice”, but I locked it a few months ago to revamp it. Even though it was still published and visible on the “Published Books” section.

Today, I finished revamping it and republished it, it stopped showing up in that section. Instead, it only shows up in my “Favorites” section. When my friends visit my profile, they can see that the story is published, but they can’t find it in the “Published Books” section.

i didnt get an email or anything saying its being reviewed so im kinda confused

I already submitted a ticket but i was hoping someone could figure this out for me.

what i see

vs what my friend sees


I checked for you, I can look up the story but when I go to your profile there’s nothing there :face_holding_back_tears:

exactly and thats why im so confused

if any of the mods here would know anything about this, that’d be great…

Could it be because you forgot to set the status for the story?

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nope not that

a friend brough up a long time ago when they had the eye toggle things i did have it off so people cant see it. but now they dont have the eye toggle to turn it back on if you remember that. @Sydney_H is there a possible way to check that theory?


Hey! I just checked out your profile it doesn’t show me any of your stories :cry:

Did you update the app? Ik that some people are having trouble with the new update to their profiles

I think I know what’s wrong
First, when was the last time your story was visible in your published stories section?
Second, did you hide your story, using that eye shaped button that was at the top right corner of the story, while you were revamping?
The button suddenly disappeared after the update

it was finally able to show. my friend was right with th eye toggle thing. episode put the eye toggle back onto my story and i was able to unhide it.

@Sydney_H can you close it for it was resovled.


the eye toggle was gone wasnt showing up anymore after the update but randomly showed back up this morning

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Oh wow
That means I can un-hide my story now

Mine isn’t showing up :sneezing_face:

idk. i just now noticed it this morning that its back on with me.

It’s under ur profile. Not the create area like it was the last time.

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I’ve found it
I had to update my app

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