My story for the H&V contest!

Hey lovelies!:two_hearts:
My name is Nana M. I published my new story
H & V: Too Bad To Be Good for the contest!

Firstly the description:
A world where both good and evil demons are hovering among normal people. Alcinda was chosen to defeat the evil demons. Will she be able to convince her best friend of the good?

Some information:
My story is written in the Limelight-style.
It includes japanese vibes (phrases, style, language, anime).
Three episodes.
Genre: fantasy.
Special effects/overlays/ for super powers.
Includes: mystery, fantasy, drama, comedy, love and tension!

Why I wrote this story:
Both main characters
(Alcinda & Kieron)
are based on real life people.
They both are in my class at school and very proud to be a part of this huge project.
I tried to make them look like, like they do in real life :slight_smile:
Well, both of them wanted
to be in my stories.
They imagined to be like superheroes who are fighting against each other,
but my stories don’t have fantasy in any way…
so I couldn’t put them in. So my thoughts directly went to do a TV Show in my Episode story,
including them as the main characters.
Then after a couple of days I saw the post on the forums about the new
H & V Contest. We were so happy and way too excited when we saw that! We couldn’t believe it, actually. It was definitely meant to be and now we’re here, with a own story!<3

I hope you will give it a shot!<3
I’m gladly doing R4R as well!
Greetings and thank you for reading!!

Finally the link:

Tell me how you liked it!:two_hearts:


Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile:

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