My story has an error and can’t be displayed

My story is showing that it has an error and can’t be displayed. I have sent support ticket almost three times and still they are telling me to fix the errors and funny enough there are no errors in my episode. I’m a new episode writer and it’s so sad. Please guys help me out I’m already getting frustrated.

Username: Boluwatife

Can you also send a screenshot of the error?

If I’m not mistaken, the speechbubble placement should be before the person starts talking and not after that

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Additionally, in line 348 your character won’t do the animation because you made it exit in the same line
Just make the @CHIKA exits left on the next line

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Let me adjust this and get back to you.

All the speech bubble are placed before the character starts talking.

Can you post a screenshot of your script with the error messages?

I meant the error message in the script on the left side

There was no error message in the script. It was only in the mobile creation game. It was showing error and it cannot be displayed. I restarted the app,deleted the app,restarted my iPhone. I’m tired really.

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Then it just might be a glitch but idk how to get rid of it, sorry

This is so sad😔 it took me so long to create those characters.

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The “error” might be before these lines, check it out from the first line.

Are all the @speechbubble locations set before the character starts talking? Like

@speechbubble bla bla bla

You probably have it right I just wanted to check But if it doesn’t work still yeah it’s a glitch x

The speechbubble is before the character starts talking. How long does a glitch last? Mine is two days now.

Yeah I guess it’s definitely a glitch then. You could try to just rewrite that section of code, or maybe there’s a small error you missed somewhere else in your script? Otherwise all you can do really is wait for the ticket to come back. Either way I’ve never had this before and errors that actually stop you being able to preview your story always come up in the error code, so something is wrong there with episode rip.

Have rewritten codes. Have sent support tickets three times I’m just tired sis.

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I feel ya sis :pensive: :pensive:

What’s the script look like before these lines?
And were you able to play episode 1 but episode 2 is the one giving you this issue?