My story has an error and can’t be displayed

I am able to play episode 1. Episode 2 started having errors when I mistakenly clicked on new episode.

But what does the script look like before line 317?

OK I see

“error message” when there are the glasses - but this is not real error message, this is just narrator saying this - which means you have this sentence about error written in your own script.

Is this some kind of a joke?

I don’t understand what you mean and please I will not tolerate any form of insult.if you can’t help me don’t say anything.

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It does tell “error message” through the narrator at the beginning when your script has got errors, happened to me multiple times ! Please don’t accuse someone of faking problems when they must already be frustrated. <3

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I am not insulting you I was just asking.

Because the error mesage you have on the picture with the vine glasses look like a normal narrator.
Which can be done the way that in the story is written:

Your story has an error and… atc.

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I have never seen that error would be a narrator. If there is an arror in the ap it alwaqys looks like black box with text to me. And I was not accusing anybody I just asked.


Is the background with the wine glasses the first background of this chapter that cant be displayed?
Can you copy here the whole script you have in this chapter?

It has happened to you multiple times what did you do about it?

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It usually went away after fixing some trivial errors, hope you can find yours and fix it!

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this is happening to me right now, ugh…

I had to start a new story. Nothing worked.

Hopefully creating a new story helped you.
I had the same similar problem when I first started using episode a couple years ago and initially the episode worked fine but randomly it stopped working and said that and I didn’t know anything about the episode forums so I couldn’t figure out the problem on my own that I also started a new story and just copied and pasted everything over only to find out that I did have errors lol but for whatever reason the portal couldn’t tell me exactly which ones with that story but could with the new story I made even though it was the same script. Could be some sort of glitch thing when it comes to processing and correcting the script. But I’m glad you figured something out although that’s probably a lot of characters and outfits to remake :sob::violin: sorry and happy writing! :four_leaf_clover:

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There’s definitely an error somewhere. Even something as simple as having one too many spaces before a character’s name when they speak could set it off. The script isn’t showing the errors which is some sort of glitch I believe. If creating a new story helped, that’s great!! Otherwise my best advice is finding someone yo send the entire script to so they can have a closer look through their own portal. Sometimes these errors occur which are very time consuming unfortunately. If you need someone to check it, feel free to either send it to me through the forums or on my Instagram @honey.bee_epi

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Honestly it’s a lot of work to make characters I’m crying😭 No pain no gain eh?

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Aye thank you so much I will send it to you.

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When you copied and paste did it not affect the new characters you made? Can you copy and paste characters too?

Sorry I don’t really understand your question :sweat_smile:

What I did was I created a whole new story, named it the same as the old one that stopped working and then copied and pasted the scripts for the episodes over to my new story. And then I had to remake the same characters and outfits of my old characters into the new story since it’s a new story. Unfortunately you can’t transfer over your characters details and outfits between stories. (at least I’m not aware of being able to) So I had to make the MC and everybody all over again and same for the outfits with the same exact names as the old story. The only thing that luckily can be used for all stories is backgrounds and overlays but as for characters and outfits, it has to be created for “that story” and it can’t be transferred over into another story. The story itself worked the same as the one that stopped working.
As long as you name them the same as you did in your old story then it will work the same way otherwise if you name them differently when you recreate your characters in your new story, you’ll have to replace the names in the script with the new script names you made for them.

Also copying and pasting it over to a new story won’t effect new characters you’ve made for the story. Unless you already have stuff coded for the new story and was pasting the script from your old story over it then you’d be deleting your coding and in that sense it would otherwise no.

Since they have that character randomizer thing, that helps a lot too because you’d only need to make one character to start an episode for your new story and then paste the script in there and click preview and the randomizer will pop up saying these characters don’t exist and you can click male, female, female plus, whatever they’re supposed to be and then save and then go to your characters screen and edit how they look to make them look like your old characters in the story that stopped working. That would be the faster way.
As for outfits, if you had specific outfits then you’ll also get an error saying the outfit doesn’t exist and you would either have to recreate it, or hashtag it so it ignores that for now and later work on an outfit using the same name so that you can unhashtag it or you can make a brand new name and just replace the old outfit name with the new one.

Not sure if that answered your question…:sweat_smile:

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Thank you! This answered my question.

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oh my god!!!1 I’m so sorry

I remembered something when I was trying to preview my story in the app and I used a junk script recommended by Episode’s support. Came back to normal. Perhaps if this happens again, you can use it too…

your story
your story

try putting it in any background…

again, really sorry