My story has disappeared

So my story has literally disappeared! I didn’t delete it. All I did was click start a new story because I am writing a story for the fantastical contest and then all of a sudden my story is gone! Help me please!!!

There is a list of all your stories under My Stories on the left side under the “Start New Story” button. Scroll through the list and you can find it there.

That does not show up!

Click on Manage Your Stories.

I did that and it still doesn’t take me to my story. I just submitted a ticket

I figured it out! When you click “Manage Your Stories”, you will find this section:

Scroll it down until you find your story!
I found mine there.
Happy writing! Hope to have helped.

Thank you so much I found it!! I feel so crazy right now that I didn’t notice that lol


Glad this got resolved! Closing :v:t2: