My story has removed what do i do know

so i just had my story remove but there no were telling me why and how I can fix it i’v but that its for 16+ and the choice to not see very bad stuff
Iv not coped anyone work or used and one templates and only used pic from google that have no copy right on them i just dont know what iv done

You should try to submit a ticket to the Episode Team.

Moved to Episode Fan Community. :wink: If your story was removed, it’s likely because stories are not allowed to be +16. The app is rated PG-13 and cannot have stories that contain content that is more explicit than a PG-13 rating allows.


How do I move it

I have I just waiting for them to get back to me

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My Story is about abuse and tortured Wolf
The story called I will survive

Oh. But In My Bed was allowed, correct?


Iv not read it but sounds like it breaks a load of guidelines

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Did you check your e-mail? The one that you use to write your stories on Writer’s Portal with? Perhaps they sent you the reason(s) why there :thinking:

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Yer I have and there no thank there I was in the middle of writing my next episode when I sore it been taken down it happened only a hour ago

It broke a shit ton of guidelines.

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It’s already been moved. I moved it for you. Remember to read Forum Tutorial before creating new topics. :smiley:

I need some help I finally got my email explaining what I needed to sort out but it’s basically all of the back story and I read worse in another story I just don’t know what to do

Unfortunately, a lot of stories tend to slip through the cracks.
So you’ve been given a chance to fix the story so it’s only been suspended, not banned? Can you reword the backstory and take out some of the more detailed parts? Or simplify it so it doesn’t focus on the bad stuff? (I have no idea what your story is about lol)
I’m sure you can figure something out :slight_smile:

Were on here can I go for help with a re-write so I don’t break the rules again

After you rewrite, the support team will review it and tell you if something’s wrong. I don’t think they’ll ban it if there are still issues (I could be wrong? but I believe they’ll give you a chance to continue to fix it).
I’ve even emailed support in the past to check scenes of mine before publishing to make sure they’re okay :joy: So I’m sure they’ll be happy to help you out if there’s anything else you’re unsure about. Did they tell you what needs to change and why? I think they usually point out specific lines?

But on the forums you could try the “Find a Writing Partner” section?

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