My story idea - thoughts?

Hey I’m currently thinking about writing a story but I’m not too sure if people would enjoy it. Any opinions would be great :slight_smile:

The overall idea is that a girl becomes so obsessed with a guy that couldn’t care less about her, it eventually borders stalker and self destructive behaviour. I’m thinking of making it a How I Met Your Mother kind of thing; she’ll be telling the story in therapy when she’s 10 years older or something like that.

I don’t have all the details sorted but was wondering what people’s thoughts on it were. Feedback would be appreciated!


All Imma say is tag me once it’s out.

It’s unique and sounds interesting, would love to see how you write it.


I will do, thank you so much!!

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Sounds very interesting! I’d read it :slight_smile:

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Good to hear, thank you! :slight_smile:

It’s a really cool idea … I like it and I think it would be amazing if you could make it obvious that times changed since she started therapy … So for instance, if she’s in therapy in 2020, then the begining of the story would be set in 2010 and then make every character dress like they’re back in 2010, make people still like Facebook, make Youtube still be good and things like that … Unlike HIMYM which decided to put the storytelling in the future and the story happening now, but there’s literally no difference between the times in the future and now if you know what I mean

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That is such a good idea, I hadn’t thought of that, I’ll definitely do it! Think I’ll go for her therapy sessions to be set in real time instead of the future. Thank you very much!! :upside_down_face:

You can always have a jab at the past, since you’re writing from the future, especially if it’s something along the lines of r/agedlikemilk.

For instance 10 years ago everybody had Facebook meanwhile now it’s only the moms, and you could then have a character say “Facebook will never run out of style”

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Let me know when it’s out as well! (:

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I will! <3

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I do love thrillers, but I would be careful whilst writing it and be sure to make sure that she promote unhealthy behaviour by writing it so that she gets what she wants, if that makes sense. I don’t want you to put all your time into a story and for it to be taken down :frowning: I would also somehow add a twist, like maybe he’s a criminal or smth idk and good luck, don’t lose motivation :slight_smile:

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