My story is not in the app under create

So I am working on my contest story and I want to the app to look over it there also and it’s not there…The other two I started are there But my new one isn’t is this happening to anyone else?
I have restarted the app a few times and I’ve logged out and back in twice and it’s not there…

How many chapters do you have?

For me, idk about others, but before I can see a story in the create tab, I needed to have 3 chapters.

So what I did was just copied and pasted what I had in Epi 1 into episodes 2 and 3 and it worked.

Then I just went it in did episodes 2 and 3 with my new content.

Idk if that’s what you’re issue is but it’s my best guess.

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You should send a ticket

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That doesn’t matter. Even if you have just one scene, it should be there

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I never said…ok :v:t4:

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After I started the second one it showed up

It’s there now after starting the second episode so idl of it was a glitch or what

Glad to hear. I guess everyone’s different idk lol but good luck and glad it fixed itself.

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Thank you so much