My story is not in the app

So I just started writing a new story and when I want to test it in the app it is not coming up. My story is not there but all of my other stories are. I dont know what happened or why it is like that but I really want it fixed.


Hi, I had this issue and I submitted a ticket and its aparently a new update :blush:

if you want it to test it on app, I suggest you to just put random CC in second and or third chapter, so it has more than 400 lines :wink:

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It usally doesn’t show up after a couple days after you started writing a new story, just wait a couple more days then it will pop up. I had the same problem right after I stared writing a new story too :slight_smile:

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Oh ok thanks I’ll try that

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Ok I’ll wait thank you!

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Hey! I maybe know why it doesn’t show up.
Are you logged in with Facebook? Because i once was logged in Episode using facebook and my stories didn’t show up either. Then i created another profile using google and it showed up again! Hope this helps x