My story is not showing properly in app but it is showing perfect un preview

Pls help me my story is not showing properly in app but it’s perfect in preview

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It could be your story failed to comply with Episode to publish.
Your story needs to be at least 3 episodes, 400 lines each to be able to publish and show up in the creators section of the Episode app.
Hope this helped!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I have published 3 chapters and I don’t know how to fix can u help with it what I have to do to fix it

If you mean you cannot view your story it may be that

  1. You used your own background which hasnt been approved by episode yet.

  2. You dont have 400 lines each on your episode story

3.There is a warning or error in your story

  1. It may be that its a glitch

Check for all these and get back to me :slight_smile:

Yeah it was a glitch now it’s fixed tq beautiful stranger​:hugs::joy:

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