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Would you like to do a r4r?

Story: Adventurous: Time Immune
Genre: Adventure
Summary: When loud-mouth Mikea sets off on a road-trip with YOU, it becomes harder to hide the truth of your origin… oh, and that you are an immortal cyborg.
CC, POC, LGBT, multiple endings


Scars by inxmyxeyes
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After reading yours I will let u know what I think :wink:

Would you like to do r4r?

My story is:
Title: Equals
Author: Laurales
Description: It’s about a place where everyone is perfect and without feelings or emotions. When someone starts to feel something, they will be send to a hell of a prison or they will die.
Will they change their way to live?
Genre: Drama, sci-fi, romance.
Style: Limelight
Episodes: 6 (more episodes will be coming soon)


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I will start reading tomorrow :wink:

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I can’t open this link. What’s the name of your story?

DOMINATE by epyhelen or epy.queen

Would you like r4r

My story The Star Necklace

of course!

Finished reading please check mine The Star Necklace

OFC<3 Any feedback???

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I felt sad for jaz when she lost her parents nice story by the way I liked the names Jax and jaz