My story is skipping my If/Elif and ending the chapter

I do apologize if this is a repeat question. I have searched the forums and can only find answers to incorrect formats of the if, then, remembering choices or for gains formatting.

I have finally gotten to the end of the chapter, where the previous choice impacts who’s at the door.
The choices was working perfectly fine until I started changing the “Scenario” in each If/Elif scenario.

Now suddenly, the story ends after the final narration before the choice begans.
Note: I don’t have an “else” because there really is no “else” in this scenario. I’m letting the readers decide their sexual orientation of their main character. I’ve tried adding else. I’ve tried replacing the Elif with Else instead, but can no longer get it to work.

The Preview was working great until I added more to the scenario, now it just ends after “I wonder who it can be”

Now to keep the snapshots short, I erased the scenarios and just have the character saying “Hey”.
Is it a formatting issue?
I’m just confused as to how it worked previously in this format and once I added more dialogue, it stopped working.
Thanks for your help in advance. Again, sorry if this is a repeat question.

Also…this is choices NOT using gains.

The last option should be else not elif

} else {


I have tried that, and was still being skipped.
I’ll try again and let you know. Thank you

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Remember to reset your story progress every time you testing it

Always do!
I rewrote it out again and adjusted the ELIF to ELSE and this time it worked.
I must have been missing something last time.
I appreciate your help. Thank you!

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