My Story is underrated

Hello, I’ve already promoted my story before; this is just a question.
I’ve posted my story and I’ve done exactly 67 r4r stories (and I’m still going through my list) and follow so many people on Instagram.
I’m not expecting to get a large number of reads immediately; but I haven’t reached 40reads and it’s been almost a month. A friend of mine has followers and r4r than me and she has almost 1k and she had hers out for only 2weeks. I did what she told me to do but I’m just confused if I’m doing something wrong.
Am I doing something wrong???

Here is my story if you want to read it…
Genre: Drama/Romance
Style: INK
Number of Episodes: 4 (ongoing)
Description: Living with low self-esteem is hard; can it change when someone loves you for who you are? Or when someone else loves you much deeper? Limited CC


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