My story isn't getting any views


I have no reads on my story and I’ve been writing it for atleast a month. I don’t understand why. I’ve got an instagram for the story but that isn’t helping either.
Help me?


Try to get to know other episoders or do a read for read :revolving_hearts: I got some views on my story by making friends with other episoders and helping to promote their story as well :revolving_hearts:
Hope this helps x


Thanks :slight_smile:


What’s the name of your story? I may check it out.


The name of my story is Troubled Love


Hang in honey! :honey_pot:

pfft bahahaha i’m so funny
but really, these things take time so don’t be discouraged & keep working.

Also, I highly recommend doing Read for Reads!!
you can help others and get more reads yourself.


Thanks for the advice :slight_smile: I know that was hilarious :joy::joy:


What’s the author profile for it?




Alrighty, I’ll read it. Although I think one reason it may not be getting reads is because it has the default cover. Most people might not try to read it as it sort of seems like it isn’t fully planned out or is very much unfinished and polished.


I’m getting help for my cover picture


Alright. Another thing that at drive readers away is that there’s no choices. I’m not saying that’s a bad thingnecessarily, but on Episode it is kinda a main focus that you get to make choices that impact the story.


I know I’m trying to workout how to make choices