My story isn't showing on the app (create tab)

I think you need at least 300-500 lines in each chapter for it to appear :see_no_evil: I usually just paste some script templates which I will delete afterwards

I can review it no matter how many lines there are.

Oh okay I’ll try that right away, thank you,

It might be a dumb question but, are you signed in? I’ve found at times when my story doesn’t show I’m signed out.

I use to be able to review even if I have one chapter and 10 lines, but I don’t know what happened now.

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It wasn’t working for me when I had nothing in the chapters, so many suggested it and since then it has been working :smile:

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Oh yes I am signed in and I can see the other stories but it’s only the new one :smile:

Is there an error?

Oh sorry, yes there is, I’m still waiting for an overlay to be approved

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I just found the e-mail from Episode. So you definitely need at least 400 lines in each of the three chapters :smile:


You should still be able to preview with an unapproved overlay so, that shouldn’t be the problem.

Strange, it’s not needed for me.

I just typed in one line in this episode (of something random lol) and I can still preview it.

It worked! Thank you so much love :heart:

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Do you have three full episodes though? (with each 400 lines)

Not sure why it’s not needed for you but everyone I had talked to about it had to have these 400 lines in 3 chapters :blush:

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Well nonetheless, glad you got your problem sorted out <3

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Thank you as well, I can preview it now :heart:

I’m glad it worked :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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No, two of my episodes I created on accident and there are only one line in each but, I can still preview it. I’m not sure :woman_shrugging:t2:

Well, you’re lucky I guess that you don’t have to do it :smile:

Mine are the same. I don’t need 400 lines to preview.
Most of the time I just have to hit save for it to work, but other times I have to create 3 chapters (each normally only have a few lines though). It’s pretty inconsistent.