My story isn't showing up in the app for preview

so i just started a new story and i can’t view it in the app previewer

just wondering how i can fix this or if anyone is dealing with this as well :neutral_face:

Close the episode tab on your phone and reload it. It could possibly be at the very end of the list of stories you made

iv’e tried that several times :sleepy:

I’m not sure what else to do other than file a ticket…

thanks i’ll try that

Your story needs to have at least 3 episodes with at least 400 lines in each episode to show up in the Create section of the app.

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All my stories have showed up in the playable section regardless off episodes or lines i had just made a new story yesterday but i scrapped it because i had a better idea but that one showed up in the playable tab with only 100 lines i filed a support ticket for my newest story
also can i just say you’ve helped me alot with you linktree :relaxed:

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This is a new update for new stories. Your old stories will show up, but any new stories you create need to have those requirements.

oh wow thanks :persevere:

just to be clear i can only check my story out in the web previewer ?

You can also check it out in the app. You just need to add 2 more episodes and make all 3 episodes have 400 lines in each. It doesn’t need to be published. I just copy and paste one of my templates into all 3 episodes, save and then it shows up in the app. Then i just go back and delete the templates.


thank you again :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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So, what I did (this may seem a little dumb, but oh well) is I created two more episodes that just say

@pause for 1

400 times. :joy: I mean, it works!


Heya, if you have multiple stories all you gotta do is click this:

top corner of writers portal.


story settings


I have over 50 discontinued stories and I just figured out recently how to hide them.


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