My story keeps starting on a different episode

So currently, I just finished writing the last bit of details and dialogue into my first story “Root of Tomorrow” and hit the publish button. But when I opened the story in the app, the first piece of music that I put in the first episode was already playing even before I clicked on the episode itself. And you know what’s weirder? I keep starting on the 3rd episode every time I open the story. Now I’m just sitting here really confused and I have absolutely no clue about what to do about it.

If anyone can help me with this, I would be so thankful for your help! :heart:

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It’s most likely that you left the story while the music was playing at one stage, and as it’s your story, it will default to the last chapter. Try going to ‘Navigation’ on the right side of the screen and then ‘Reset Story Progress’. It should kick you out of the story and the next time you enter, it’ll be the first episode :heart:

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Maybe try: Navigation --> Episodes, and select the first button. That’ll take you to the first episode :hugs:

You can send a support ticket to the team, I think they can help you. :heart: