My story needs a good cover!

One day


Should i pm you


Can I try too?

Ofc! The more options the better!

Yay! Do you have the specific character details for her? And are there any other characters you want on the cover?

I don’t have the specific details!! I’m so sorry! you don’t have to include the character if that’s too hard. And no, there are no other characters.

Oh no, its not too hard haha. I just meant like whats her skin tone, eye shape, hairstyle, etc. but I think I can figure it out. I’ll get started on it. :blob_sun:


Hey i have done

Hey if you still want check out my art shop :relaxed:

If u still lookin u can pm me here or dm me on ig: cia_writes6

Here are my examples

check it


Plz don’t use or share!

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Finished. You don’t have to use it (I noticed you requested at another shop) but it was fun to create! :hibiscus: Watermarked for stealers.:sparkles:


OMG!!! It looks AMAZING!! Thank you so much!

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You’re welcome! I’ll message you the cover without the watermark on it. :grin:


Hello you told me to do that and i have done that for you


Great! Can I see it?

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I have pm you

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