My story not showing up in "Playable Stories" in phone

It’s a new story and it’s not showing up

Exit the app & start ito up again

restart my phone?

No, close the app & start it up again

delete the app? sorry i don’t know what you mean by close the app

Lol. It’s ok. Just close the app & and start it up again

i deleted the app and downloaded it again, it’s still not there…

When your looking for it, are you in the “create section”?


I would get off the app, save your story again on your laptop/desktop & try getting back on it

ugh still not working :frowning: is there a limit to how many stories we have?

I don’t think so. Maybe try filling out a ticket for that problem

ok thanks :slight_smile:

You welcome!

i have the same issue :frowning:

File a ticket