My story on Writers portal is missing


Recently, i cleared my search history on my laptop. When i got back on episode, i logged in again and saw that my new story i was working on had disappeared… a bunch of stories i was working on mobile creation.
Anyone know how to get my stories back?


I’d advise submitting a ticket to the Episode team. :slight_smile:


Maybe it was because they were made in the mobile creation? Do they still exist in your phone/ tablet?


Nope, they were made on writers portal… I can still read it on mobile, but that’s no use…


Okay, thanks!


Did you log into a different email account? That happened to me before!


Not sure…
This sounds like something I might’ve done though, what happened when you did it??


When I did it, it was kinda like starting fresh!
I had no stories!
I had to go back onto google and log into the correct account from there rather than episode!


Oh right…
I’ll go try and fix mine, but I might accidentally destroy everything…
Do you think it’ll be fine if I just start my story again now? Or is it not worth it? I don’t know, my mind is__ confuddled.


Do you have a PC or Mac computer? I could probably help a bit more if you have a PC!


Well, I have a MacBook…


Oh, I’d say informing Episode about your problem first. If they can’t help you, maybe you could start again! It depends on how many episodes you have written.


I have only written one. episode so far… but i will inform episode, mess with a few things, and hopefully fix it!


Okay! :+1:


Thank you for your help!
(I think this thread should stay open just in case someone knows a different solution)


No problem!


uh idk if this will work but try clicking:

“manage stories”

then when you see “my stories” try and find yours


I’ve already checked there, so i will go contact episode.
Thank you!


You may have already turned in a ticket, but just in case you can find the form to submit a ticket here!