My Story page keeps CRASHING!


The moment I click on episode 1 of my story, it loads the page, all my code also loads up properly but later on, it gets hanged and then chrome tells me to kill/reload the page. This happens every time and I am not facing any problem with any other sites.

Please take a moment to revert and help me out. Thanks and regards!


True, I am having this problem too, I can’t continue my story. The page keeps crashing and couldn’t load whenever I tried to write something T.T


We’re gonna have to wait until someone fixes it. It’s been like this since around 3:30AM PST.


Omggg saaame. It started happening to me yesterday. It’s still happening. I keep thinking it’s my laptop but it’s not bc i powered it on & off a few times & cleared cached data like twice. Plus when i go on other sites it doesn’t freeze & say reload. All i want to do is writeee :((


I think because of this, my story when previewed on the app, is showing some glitches, especially with the sounds and music that I had added to my story(which used to not happen before this crashing problem)…

And yeah, it should definitely be some problem with the episode server. Because I have tried loading my story in a different browser, different laptop, also tried loading my other story of other account and I’m still facing the same problem


@miss_ailouros @aly69yee @timefiddler @Tydria If you haven’t already, please submit help tickets about this issue to the support team. :smiley:


@timefiddler @Tydria @aly69yee
I tried using Microsoft edge browser and thankfully it works there. It’s weird but as far as it is not crashing, I’m fine with it. I’d suggest you’ll to work on Microsoft edge until the problem is solved on Chrome/Mozilla Firefox. :relaxed:

PS: I am not sure whether it is just for me or the same for everyone else but if your story contains sound and music, it won’t play while previewing it on the web. Probably because Microsoft edge doesn’t support it. Let me know if it is the same for you guys.