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I have problems writing stories which is really annoying i have a lot of story ideas like a lot lot but whenever i write them i get bored or the story doesn’t end up on how i want it so i start a new story or i don’t have the right backgrond or overlays i have continued writing dumb stories 24 times and i just abandoned the story i’m getting really frustrated but i have had this story in mind and i really don’t want it to end up like my other stories i’m naming it ‘‘Nanny affair’’ i really want to start writing this story but i suck at narrating,i suck at writing Mc to be in a relationships cause why? (i have never had one lol) And i’m stilll a teenager so i don’t know how to process all this. and english isn’t my first language so yea besides i would really want an advice from an adult or someone who can write stories easily without breaking down like me lol ty if you can help i´ll definetley appreciate it


Hey! Something similar is happening to me, at first I though I had a dumb plot, but I couldn’t get another one so I went back to my old one. Then I started working on it and made like a billion characters but now I have another Idea I want to work on. So I’m stuck

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oh I’m actually glad that i’m not the only one experiencing this cuase right now i’m creating characters

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Hey, there. I know exactly how you feel! I used to feel this way too, but I guess it just goes away the more you write and the more you try. Reading other people stories helps a lot, too!

You can check out my thread:

And I really, really recommend Joseph Evans’ videos on You Tube, especially this one:

I hope you overcome this phase, asap! I myself, would recommend writing your story’s plot down with as many details as possible. Don’t be afraid to be messy! If you get new ideas write them down, try tu put them into the plot somehow.
Also, what helped me was stop writing those ‘normal’ stories where the plot is just some regular everyday life ‘crap’ - stories that aren’t about anything in particular really. Try to think about something specific, how it starts and how it ends.

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thanks that helped

If you’ve gotten the answer to your problem please mark it as a solution coz I ended up writing the whole thing lol, it would be convenient since people type in the whole solution and get to know that the person already has the solution <33

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i really wnat to but i can’t find the ‘‘solution’’ option

it would be somewhere near our comments

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