My story Sea Secret is now finish

Hello everyone. I think I told you about my story Sea Secret.

TITLE: Sea Secret
AUTHOR:July Happier
MODE: Limelight
SUMMARY: A girl came in Bristol Cove, the city where mermids live, but what is happening when you find out you are the lost mermaid


Now I would like if you read it because is complete. On my Instagram @julyhappierepisode I asked you if you want season 2 and all the answers were YES, so the next part is on the way. Now I have only 22 readers and I would like to be more. If you can share it to know more people about my story.
Thank you,
July Happier


Are you interested in R4r? :slight_smile:

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hello! Wanna r4r with me? I have 9 chapters
My link:

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Yes. I would like to know more stories

Ok. I will read it but you read mine too

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Okay here’s my story:

Title: Poison for your Heart
Author: Aykay

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Ok. I will as soon as I can

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1 Like my story

sure! let’s send ss to each other when we are done :smiley:

I read the first 6 episodes

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What is your Instagram?


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Looks good. :star_struck: imma go check it out!

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Thank you

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we can read 9 chapters if u want

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Thank you for read my story. I will read yours too as soon as I can because I have a lot r4r

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sure :smiley:

In just 24 I took 30 readers and I am very happy for this. I am number 5893 in top and I would like to thank you. If you want to read my story here is the link

Thank you again


Congrats I love your story!