My story Some Sort of Drama

Hello! I’m relatively new in the writing scene of Episode but I’ve read quite a few stories. I had decided to write one of my own. I’m very new at it so there will be some mistakes here and there. And since it is my first story I will be constantly updating it to fix some things to improve my directing. But it is up and ready to read, so far I have 5 chapters available. Please check out my story Some Sort of Drama!!:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: I would like to mention there aren’t any choices in the story currently. I may add couple of choices once I figure out how and where to place them. But the story is already set up a certain way that I don’t want choices to affect it. But trust me it is still a very good story!!


Love the cover!

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Aw thank you!

I love the cover too! It’s very cute. I’m going to check out your story.

Thank you so much!! :blush:

I highly recommend adding a lot more choices for readers to make them feel more involved.
And you’re very welcome!

I had thought about doing that for a couple of things but I wasn’t sure where to go about it in the story like clothes or something. I didn’t really want to add any choices for the actual story itself because that’s already set. The MC is “her own person” so to speak, I based the story off of a movie I watched so it’s pretty much meant to be read as such in a way.

It is pretty neat. Reminds me of something off of Cartoon Network!


You don’t have to put choices that’ll change the story up. Just small choices like when she first meets Nickolai (I hope I spelt it right)
You can have thinking “Hmm… Nickolai’s kind of…”
“Not my type”

It doesn’t change up the story but it just gives the readers a chance to feel like their choices matter.

(It’s just a suggestion, you can write your story anyway you like :slight_smile: )

It is still pretty good the way it is.

That’s a good idea, I’ll keep that in mind. And thank you once again :blush::blush:

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