My Story: Supernatural Desire (COMPLETE)

Hello everyone,

I can proudly say that I have completed my very first story on Episode (I logged in just to say this :joy: ) It took me a suuuuuuuuuper long time, but it’s finally complete and I’m happy. Yeah, it’s quite unpopular, but I don’t care, I mean I love writing and I had fun writing it :heart:

Name: Supernatural Desire
Episodes: 29
Style: Limelight
CC: Yes!!! :cupid:
IG: Jem776x :cupcake:

It’s a crazy story full of chaotic energy and really insane characters haha. If anyone wants to read it, the link is: Supernatural Desire link :rose:


Congrats on completing your story!

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I am including 1 more bonus episode! :heart: Will code it after Thursday because of test :joy: