My story that I created



guys I need help here , I’m trying to write a really good story and I went to making choices for the outfits and this happened and now I’m stuck since this is my first time please help


The problem is that if you want a character to do an animation without talking it has to look like this:

@VIOLET is dustoff_loop


When I do outfit choices this is what my coding looks like.


label dressing_game

(What should I wear?)

“Outfit 1”{

@SIMONE is dustoff_loop

@SIMONE changes into outfit1

“Outfit 2”{

@SIMONE is dustoff_loop

@SIMONE changes into outift2

“Outfit 3”{

@SIMONE is dustoff_loop

@SIMONE changes into outfit3


@pause for a beat

    SIMONE (think)
(Should I wear this or try something else?)

“Wear this outfit.”{

    SIMONE (talk_happy_agree)

“Try something else.”{

goto dressing_game



It won’t let me put the label now :frowning:


It worked ! I love you so much and idk you I’m screaming thank you :heart:


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No problem. :slight_smile: