My story won’t appear on mobile previewer?




I’m working on a Limelight story on the portal (pc) and when I went on the app I didn’t see my story in the “Playable Stories” tab. It has the rest of mine but doesn’t include my newer one.

I don’t have any errors on my story so it can’t be that.
Is anyone else having this problem? Does anyone have a fix?


It’s because of the new update. You can’t see new stories you write except if there are 3 episodes that are longer than 400 lines each. I just press enter until i reach 400 lines so that I can preview it.




If this seems to be an actual bug please make sure to let the support team know about it by submitting a ticket. Thanks!


I can’t take all the credit since it’s originally from : :slightly_smiling_face:


I actually think it’s a bug. I have multiple stories that are under 400 lines and they show up. If it is an update, it’s a dumb one.