My story won't show on app

I’m in the middle of creating a story and I went to the episode app to review it but it won’t show up…
can anybody help? :confused:

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Did you create your story today?
If yes, it takes some time before it shows up.

If not, did you make it yesterday?
If yes, it takes some time before it shows.

If it still doesn’t show, maybe because you don’t have many lines yet? Maybe too many empty episodes?
(Because, you need min. 3 episodes with 400 lines to even publish. So that could be it.)

Maybe try to refresh the portal?
Close the episode app?

This is what I know, sorry if it doesn’t help. :sweat_smile:

Stories normally show up for me in the create section (for unpublished works) of my app if I have at least one chapter and press save and then refresh the app.
In the past, I’ve needed at least 3 saved chapters for it to show up.

If you mean that you can’t search for it or it won’t show up under your profile, well, stories only show up there if they’ve been published.

Thank you, I created it yesterday I’ll have a look tomorrow if it shows up.

ok thanks for your help :slightly_smiling_face:

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