My story won't show up FIXED!


I was working hard on a story of mine and when I saved it and went on the mobile to do so, it’s not on there. I exited the app, waited a few minutes, and reloaded it, it still hasn’t shown up. I am starting to get worried. If you know the answer to this pls let me know.


PLS HELP MEH SOMEUNE! seriously though, i need to test my game.


Do you have a lot of unfinished stories on the app?




That’s probably why


how can I fix it? Like how do I delete the stories that are unfinished?


If you write them on your computer you can’t


So i can’t preview my story on mobile anymore?


You might be able to. The same thing happened to me then they showed up on the mobile creation one so I moved by writing it on my computer


Basically what I’m saying is the computer made my story a mobile creation but changed once I kept writing the story on my computer


It doesn’t show on either one for me.


Maybe write it on one of the stories you didn’t finish


Nevermind, I figured it out. Most of the unfinished stories were on mobile, so i’m going through my stories on pc and deleting all the mobile stories!


Alright then👍