My Story Won't Show Up

My story isn’t showing up on the “Playable Stories.” Whenever I press the “Create” tab on my phone, it creates a mobile story for me instead of taking me to the “Create” homepage. Please help, does anyone know a solution? :fearful:

AGH, it just happened again! :frowning:

U dont press the create new story button

Ur story will appear at the top and u just click on it

I didn’t click “Create New Story,” it does it automatically.

try exiting the app fully then enter it again

Did you write it on your phone or on your Laptop?


You need 3 episodes, it can be empty, but if you have 3 episodes, it’ll show up. I had the same problem. :slight_smile:

Oh okay, thanks so much. Whats your story so I can add it to my reading list?

You don’t necessarily need 3 episodes for it to show in the playable stories tab.
You have a story in the editable stories because you created a new one from your phone, you should either create a story from your laptob or from you phone browser (not the Episode app).
Go to
Then login with your account and click on create a new story, the creators’ corner can look a bit overwhelming at start, but you’ll get used to it. :blush:
After that you can choose the style of your story, the speech bubble style, create characters and outfits, and start coding.
As soon as you hit the save button, you should be able to see your story in the playable stories in the app.
*Just make sure you don’t use any backgrounds or overlays that are still in review before the first saving process.

Aaah, my overlays aren’t approved yet and they aren’t showing up on the previewer, so I literally can’t update my story until they get approved. RIP. :cry:

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I have 5 episodes written on my mobile story (I only have my cell phone laptop is wrecked) how do I make it playable?

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You have to go on a computer with the same account you’re using on Episode and edit it there. :slight_smile:

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