My story wo't show up in app


I’m writing a story on pc, but it won’t sow up in the app. i am so irritated because i have overlayers and other stuff that is hard to work with without to see it on the app


This has happened to me before.
How many stories have you created?
If it is less than 11 you can ask @Sydney_H :wink:


18 but i have just posted 2 of them


PM @Sydney_H and ask for a ticket :sweat_smile:


okay thanks :grin:


You’re welcome :wink:


If you created less than 3 episodes, I think it won’t show. It is not a bug.
What u can do is to copy the link of your story and click on it.


Hey! @Txlx_star and @Paris_Norwegian, just to clarify, you don’t need to PM me to ask for a ticket. :wink: Just tag me in the topic and ask for the link (this one help ticket).


Oh right sorry about that :sweat_smile:


No problem! Just wanted to make sure we don’t confuse anyone. :wink: