My story's rank is broken

I don’t understand wtf is going on but my story is without rank for 2 days. “Trending User Story Rank: Calculating…” it says.
It’s never was reviewed. Also I never was on the top. But I don’t have any rank now.

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On the writer portal?


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Have you checked your e-mails? It was probably reviewed now, and you have some things to edit in order to abide to the guidelines. You normally only have 72 hours to make the changes, or at least that’s what I got when the same thing happened, but it was a long time ago.

Yeah, my overlay that I used about 10 month ago was rejected. But there wasn’t something like “delete scene in chapter … lines 1000-3000”. I’m totally confused. I’m not sure it’s a review.

I see, then I guess it has something that doesn’t fit the new guidelines? If that’s the case, you’ll only have to change that one, and once the new overlay gets approved, your ranks will be back

Actually, I deleted this overlay from my story at all. But nothing is changed. This’s really strange cause usually they don’t review stories under 100 rank.

Did you reply to the e-mail that you removed the overlay? Or was it just a “no-reply” notification? If yes, it might make sense to submit a ticket and inform them that you are not using the overlay anymore :thinking:

There can be multiple reasons why they would review a story under rank #100:

  • worst case scenario but: someone might have reported it
  • they might have considered it to be a featured on a shelf
  • they actually try to review stories outside the trending too, but they are not telling us because they would get bombarded with a lot of questions :woman_shrugging:

It was no-reply notification. I submitted a ticket, but I’m still waiting for their answer. You know, Friday evening, weekend :joy:
I think I might got on the top, cause my story always was on 101-105th places.
Actually, they asked me to delete overlay with pills. It wasn’t something like drugs or else, but I deleted it just in case…
Anyway, people can read it, cause story link is working. It’s veeeery strange.

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