My stupid brain forgot to credit someone so, does anyone know whos work this is?[Scenery+-+Background]+73.jpg Does anyone know who made this?

I tried to reverse image search to try to find out who made this for but was unable sorry :sweat_smile:
To make it easier for yourself i recommend when you save backgrounds into your episode backgrounds you just name them who they were by and then whatever the background is i’ve used that trick before and it helps a ton, good luck on trying to find the person though.

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This is an anime background, dont know who this belongs to, but i hope u find the person.

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yeah I just did that too,

It linked me to pinterest.
Would you like me to link it for you? (Edit: LOL never mind just looked at it and it wasn’t the person who made it :confused: )

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if you cant find the person, then dont use the background. :woman_shrugging:


I think using anime backgrounds isnt the best ideas, it may take time to find the person who made the background.

I suggest, if you find any good backgrounds that you may like from these websites, you an use, and its free.

Outside sites:

Stunning Free Images · Pixabay

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The info at the bottom of this page:

99designs – 12 Jul 16

photographer.jpg930x558 41.6 KB

31 free public domain image websites

We’ve complied a list of 31 public domain image websites that are great for graphic designers looking for unique and free stock photos.


And most anime backgrounds are subjected to copyright :sweat_smile:



Haha thx