My Thoughts on Gem Choices

I feel like gem choices have far more potential than for what they are. Like yes, they tend to be annoying and overpriced. But that’s because of how not much thought goes into them. I feel like gem choices should have a much stronger impact on the story, as opposed to just unlocking a scene or two. They all feel repetitive too. Gem choices should be meaningful and actually worth what you’re paying for them.

Also, the choice not to use gems (or if you don’t have enough) shouldn’t make the reader feel bad. For example, getting the choice to wear the all exclusive outfit for 20 gems vs the muddy shirt and sweatpants. Like, it just makes you feel guilty or irritated. And if you do purchase that outfit, there’s hardly any change to the course of the story. It would be much better if those gem outfits were cheaper / the alternative outfit was more pleasing. Or, if the shirt is muddy, maybe a minigame of some sort where you help your character clean the shirt in time? That way, things feel more interactive and guilt free.

Gem choices should add to the storyline and it hardly seems like they do, which makes them so unlikable. Maybe if more heart went into creating them, they’d be more appreciated. That’s just my little suggestion! :grin:


I’ve used gem choices a different way. For hints in mini games and to “win” a mini game without playing. I thought some people can’t be bothered with mini games and if they want to win without playing, they can pay. I also have the free option to instantly lose the mini game and continue the story.


I do agree. Like, if you wear casual sweats over a sparkly dress at a job interview, the characters make this whole scene about it then could care less two minutes later. It’s really not worth spending 22 gems on.
Then all the rest of the choices just interfere with like one scene, and have no impact whatsoever on the rest of the story.

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