My thoughts on the LGBT community


Please do not start any nonsense with me as this will be my two cents on why people from the LGBT community aren’t all goody two shoes. Let me make this clear. I don’t care if you’re gay/lesbian/bisexual/trans but don’t get offended when a straight person says that they are not interested in homosexuals, that does not make them homophobic. Same with people who aren’t into trans, it doesn’t make them homophobic. I am sick and tired of seeing people I’ve came across online (don’t worry it’s no one from the Episode Forums) and real life telling me that I should kill myself just because I’m straight.

Also, what really bothers me that they’re pushing LGBT onto children. That’s not cool. It’s okay to let them know that these people do exist but pushing LBGT onto children is absolutely wrong!

Again, I don’t hate anyone that is LGBT, I just don’t like how it’s been shoved into people’s faces.


I’ve been sick of it, too.

It isn’t just the LGBT community, it is any “movement” that is mostly leftist; they can be kinda extreme. Those people are a minority that say that messed up stuff, though. Most people everywhere aren’t or don’t really believe that nonsense they say to you. The few that do like to shove it down others’ throats, and then complain and cry when they get a little push back.

Another problem stems from other people both in and out of the movements not calling them on their bs when they see it. It could be in fear of like, “Ya know, I don’t feel like being called meaningless names right now, so I’m just going to leave it be” Or people that lean more left can often feel like, “I don’t want to disagree with the outlandish stuff because I don’t want my friends to leave me or I don’t want these people in my community to think different about me” Because these people will. They push their own allies and like-minded people away.

I wish they would stop telling kids this stuff, too. Like…kids don’t need to know about this or care about it. Just let them figure their own stuff out. Stop telling kids that being trans or whatever is cool or trendy like some of these transtrenders do. Stop telling kids that being gay is cool or trendy. This stuff can be really damaging, like…wtf


dear tumblr people,

trans people are not in my dating preference, this does not make me transphobic.


@dqbsurf I couldn’t have said this better, myself. It’s sickening how these fools get offended over things that are harmless. Not liking trans doesn’t mean you’re transphobic, it’s okay to not be into trans people. Even worse when they trash talk men for being “shallow” just because they have their preferences in a woman. I hate it when people act like they’re better than others just because of their preferences in a person like okay I don’t care what you’re into but stop acting like you’re better than someone because of that. It’s the same idiots who are into BDSM that they call someone “vanilla” (I really hate that term) just because they’re not into kinky things. It’s childish as hell!

Tell me about it! Let kids be kids. They shouldn’t be exposed to things like this. It’s sickening how kids now days are learning stuff like that including sexual things. Disgusting!!


@LI05 Damn straight!


What’s the use of creating a rant thread for the soul purpose to offend people?


I completely understand where you coming from because you’ve made valid points, and I am a member of LGBT community and if a straight person turns down a trans person, its not any form of hate or dislike towards that community, I totally agree with you


“I just don’t like how it’s been shoved into people’s faces”

You agree with that as well? So what are we supposed to do? Only kiss our loved ones in dark underground clubs, because we might offend straight people?

This thread is completely unnecessary.


Whoah oh, I didn’t say anything homophobic or transphobic. What I was trying to say that gay parades are very unecessary because they are very explicit. Especially when there’s children around.


Glad you didn’t throw in any shade when I made this post. I’ve noticed that there are some people from the LGBT community who take it to the extreme like push it onto children and get offended if someone turns down a trans person. It just annoys me when people conflate preferences with something stupid.


Not at all, with the kissing loved ones in the dark, love is love, love is meant to be expressed, so we are allowed to kiss which ever gender we want to, and it shouldn’t even be an argument, its a free world, its your life its your things, everyone should just respect everyone


So don’t bring your children there.
Gay parades are important. Not to party but to show that it’s okay to be LGBT+ and that you should be proud of who or what you are.




Again, I don’t care if someone is LGBT. I just don’t get why they have to get offended if someone says they’re straight and proud or rip out on people who are straight.


True but I wasn’t talking about that. What I was talking about is the fact that people who are LGBT have to always like announce the fact that they’re this and that orientation or the fact that they expect special treatment just because they’re this and that.


You can be straight and proud, just like we can be LGBT+ and proud without straight people judging us. Don’t you think that we are being judged enough?


We do not expect special treatment, where are you even getting this from? You clearly have no clue what you’re talking about. And even though you think that you’re entitled to bash on an entire community, it’s disrespectful and not needed at all.


Um I am sure there are LGBT who get offended over straight pride. It’s not like we’re discouraging you for being LGBT and proud for goodness sake. If you’re this offended, you shouldn’t be commenting in the first place.


I was not being rude and disrespectful for goodness sake. I am allowed to have an opinion on the LGBT community because I’ve noticed how hectic it has been which does give rational LGBT people a bad name.


You shouldn’t be creating a thread just to express your ignorant opinion on something that you clearly know nothing about.